Senior Portrait Photographer, Jake Braught

Portland Senior Photographer Jake Braught

Well, hello there.

I'm Jake Braught and I absolutely love photography. I currently live in Portland, Oregon.

I started formally taking photos in 2008 (yes, that was before selfies were officially a thing). I bought my first professional camera a few months later and have been studying the art of photography ever since.

Portraiture is what I like best–simply because it's fun to try to capture people. Everyone is unpredictable and unique. I love the challenge of showcasing that.

I know that photo shoots tend to stress people out. I am definitely someone who doesn't like being photographed so I totally know how it feels. Being in front of a camera is not a natural behavior by any means but we'll sort that out. I'm here to make you feel comfortable, photograph you well, and ensure a good time.

If I am not on location shooting portraits, I like to be in nature. I try to capture the vastness of landscapes around the pacific northwest and the intricacies of flora and fauna in everyday neighborhoods. If you like nature and want your pictures taken, we will get along great.

I hope we meet soon,

Ready to be photographed?

Oregon Coast Photo by Jake Braught.jpg
Pink Camellia Photo by Jake Braught.jpg