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I am the designer and developer for the following projects:


Kuhn Cinema 2014


Small Business Website Movie Theater Website

Route of the Whale - Multimedia Journalism Showcase 2013


Won the 2013 Mark of Excellence National Winner of the Online In-Depth Reporting category

I was extremely fortunate when a  group of fellow journalism students approached me about an interactive way to showcase their multimedia journalism that took place during a summer trip to Uruguay. The team went to many places on their trip to fully cover the route of Southern Atlantic right whales. We needed an easy way for viewers to follow the path the team traveled and below is our collaborative solution.

multimedia journalism website

Fold + Go - Simple Product Marketing Site 2014

As part of my internship at TipBar Inc (DBA Gibson Holders/Sew Steady), I was tasked with providing a brand image and website for a new product, Fold + Go Tablet Stand. The site was hand-coded in one day and is responsive for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


simple product website responsive

Website Redesigns:

As part of my web design course, I worked on redesigns for local businesses. Below are two home pages that I designed.


Sixth Street Bar & Grill 

sixthstreetgrill.com - They have since had a beautiful redesign.

Go Ducks


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