Senior Picture Outfits: What Not to Wear

I'm often asked, "What should I wear for my senior photoshoot?" It truly depends on your own personal style. But, I do have a few suggestions for what not to wear for senior pictures. Here are two things that you should definitely try to avoid to have really cute senior picture outfits:


1. Logos & Graphic Tees

Senior Picture Outfits Avoid Graphic Tees Brands.jpg

Brands are great and graphic tees are cool... but not for portraits (sorry, no PINK). Both of these take away from you in senior portraits. We do not need something on your shirt that tries to steal the show. Try wearing a solid color or patterned shirt instead.

Cute Senior Picture Outfit Idea.jpg
Cute Senior Picture Outfits.jpg

My senior model, McKenna, chose a cute senior picture outfit that's simple and stylish. The look doesn't detract from her beauty and the white flowy tank gives her skin an extra glow.


2. Neon Colors

Senior Picture Outfits Avoid Neon Colors.jpg

I get that Forever 21 and everywhere else sells these and they can be fun for going out but cameras do not like neons. They also mess with your skin tone on in portraits. Wear more neutral colors so that your skin and final shots will look flawless.


When to Do What Before Senior Pictures

Senior Picture Outfits.jpg

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some things to make sure you do early if you're going to do them for your senior pictures.


1. Haircut / Brows (1+ week)

Please, please, please do not go to the salon on the day before your photo shoot. If you're going for a new style, do it at least a week out. We want to make sure you've found a way to style your hair just the way you like it. I also recommend doing brows at least a week before to prevent any bumps or redness waxing may cause.


2. Exfoliate (24+ hours)

Exfoliate your face at least 24 hours before the shoot. Even the most gentle exfoliates and cleansers can cause redness.


3. Tanning (just don't)

Your body. Your choice. But if you ask me, don't do it. Your skin will thank you and you won't have severe wrinkles at 40. Tanning beds lead to a bit of dry skin and redness so be aware if that's your game plan. If you do opt in for the safer alternative, a spray tan, do it at least 5 days before the shoot so that you can adjust to your new skin tone.

Senior Pictures Portland Oregon Outfits.jpg

I hope I've helped you create some cute senior picture outfits. If you're looking for editorial senior pictures in Portland, Oregon please get in touch. We will discuss your personality as well as what kind of senior portraits you like and go from there. No idea is too out of the box so don't be worried–senior pictures are fun.